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DB Duensing & Associates Testimonials


National Wildlife Federation

As construction project director for our new 95,000 sf. headquarters building, I selected David for this job in 2001, on the recommendation of our architect (Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum). David brought to our job a rare combination of creative vision, pragmatic construction skills and onsite management talent. He turned our rough vision into an aquatic habitat that enhances our organization’s image and working environment - and is consistent with the goals of our Backyard Wildlife Habitat program.

At the National Wildlife Federation headquarters in Reston Virginia, we're now going into our third year with our spectacular wildlife ponds and waterfalls designed and built by David Duensing. Every day our staff and visitors pause on our entrance bridge to enjoy the lights and sounds of the aquatic ecosystem that David created. What a perfect setting for a Wildlife organization!

The crew David brought in shared his work ethic and drive for efficiency and quality. Watching them dance with multi-ton boulders and heavy equipment with such grace was a delight. I had no idea how complicated it is to build a pond the right way, taking into account esthetics and long-term management. We are so pleased with the outcome. David was great to work with.

I would be pleased to answer any questions about our project with others contemplating the construction of similar natural water features.

Wayne Schmidt
Board Relations Director
National Wildlife Federation
Reston, VA

Firestone Specialty Products Company

"David Duensing has a unique combination of talent and skill. He not only has the creativity to envision and design world-class water features, but also possesses the engineering and construction expertise to build lasting beauty.”

William A. "Bill" Johnson, CGCS
Firestone Specialty Products Company
Indianapolis, IN

New Leaf Landscape

"David Duensing is a pleasure to work with: he is professional, courteous and always available to answer questions or explain the installation process. He always arrived on time and kept the site neat while working.

His water features are truly works of art that add value and beauty to any landscape. We look forward to working with him on more projects in the future and highly recommend his services to anyone seriously considering adding the element of water to their landscape."

Colleen Holmes
New leaf landscape
Agoura Hills, CA


"After researching topics regarding the design, construction and maintenance of water gardens and Koi ponds, we set out to identify a Designer/Contractor who could help us realize our dream. We received a recommendation for David Duensing from someone long involved with water gardening, and we began planning our project with him soon thereafter.

It quickly became apparent that Dave's vast experience and knowledge of the field would enable us to construct a state-of-the-art system which not only maximized its natural beauty but also minimized its maintenance requirements. He listened to our goals and preferences for the project and proceeded to design a feature which accurately reflected our objectives.

He has access to some of the top names in the industry, ensuring not only the use of quality products but also the presence of experienced professional craftsmen to build the feature on-site, to his exacting specifications. He was on site frequently during the construction process, not only advising but also personally performing many of the tasks requiring his expertise and vision.

Our completed project meshes seamlessly with our existing landscape and truly does appear to have been a longstanding natural part of the surroundings. Although one could probably identify less costly methods for constructing a basic water feature, it would seem a difficult task to locate a firm with more knowledge, experience, skills, and vision to bring such customized natural works of art to fruition."

Gainesville, Fl

Firestone Specialty Products Company

"David B. Duensing & Associates is a pleasure to work with. Attention to detail and creativity are core competencies of his organization and his design stands on its own.

Striving for clean lines, pure forms, and simple and clear color schemes, David’s final compositions reflect not only the client's individuality, but the unique qualities of the site. I feel he is one of the best designers in the industry. That’s why I've retained him for my next project.”

Mark Munley
Vice President-Sales and Marketing
Firestone Specialty Products Company
Indianapolis, IN

Canin Associates

"David Duensing is very professional and informative. We are impressed with his intimate knowledge of natural rockwork and water effects, and his integration of landscape design into water features.

A water feature can enhance an environment if it is authentic, has a natural appearance and just the right amount of water effects, considering the environment, costs and management.

For the right project, I would recommend his firm to others to help create a high-quality water feature."

Christopher J. Brown, ASLA
Canin Associates
Orlando, Fl


"My husband and I decided to remodel our yard early in 2003. We knew we wanted a water feature that was made of natural materials and looked like it was part of the environment. We spent endless hours looking at water features that looked like they belonged in Disneyland or Las Vegas. We were so discouraged, we decided not to have a water feature at all and began our project in 2004 with the thought that we would rather have no feature than one that looked man-made.

During the course of our two-year construction project, our landscape designer introduced us to Dave Duensing, whom she had recently met. After seeing his brochure and meeting with him, we decided he was just the person to create what we had envisioned.

We put our trust in Dave and he created a water feature that far exceeded our expectations in every way. It is truly amazing how Dave is able to build a water feature, in our case a pond with waterfalls, and envision how the water is going to flow even before the water is turned on. With very little fine tuning he created a spectacular pond for us to enjoy. Our pond is very easy to maintain -- in fact, my husband takes care of it himself! Our grand-daughters have even learned how to rock climb in our pond, which has been an added feature for us.

Everyone who enters our yard is struck with the beauty and tranquility of our pond.

We cannot recommend Dave highly enough. I honestly do not think there is anyone else who is capable of creating a water feature made of natural boulders that looks like it was always a part of the environment in which it was built.”

Stephanie and Larry Cuneo
Bel Air, CA